innovation worth sharing: two-day workshop in Dubai

I wanted to share that I’m putting on a a two-day workshop in Dubai next month called “Innovation Worth Sharing: Beyond New and Improved“. I’m partnering with Training Hotline, a Training & Development company based in Dubai Knowledge Village.

Here’s a little background on the workshop on November 27 and 28. If you’re interested, register at Thanks!

Every year brings a staggering amount of new product introductions, yet most are not very different from what is already in the market. The world doesn’t need yet another me-too new product. No wonder new product failure rates are higher than 90%. Marketing spend can no longer save a mediocre brand.

The goal of the workshop is to inspire participants to create innovation with a meaningful point of difference.

Over two days, we will use cartoons, visual storytelling, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking case studies to learn to create killer ideas and overcome idea

  1. Marianne says

    Hi Tom,
    Is there a way to follow the workshop online//from abroad? Or will there be some kind of summary of it?

  2. says

    Hi Marianne,

    I’ll definitely share a summary after the event. I’m also thinking about developing similar workshops in other parts of the world. I’ll keep you posted!


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