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brand safety

Last week, I shared Marc Pritchard’s manifesto on the state of digital advertising and some of the hazards of a murky and fragmented programmatic media supply chain. One of the challenges is the uncertainty about where digital ads show up. Jaguar Land Rover temporarily halted all UK digital advertising a few weeks ago after learning that one of its ads… Read More

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digital advertising and media transparency

This cartoon was inspired by the talk P&G CMO Marc Pritchard gave on the state of digital advertising at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting a few weeks ago. His talk is worth reading or seeing in its entirety. Professor and pundit Mark Ritson called it the most important speech about marketing in the last 20 years. Marc Pritchard addresses the… Read More

designing for mobile

In 2015, Google introduced an algorithm update known as “Mobilegeddon” that prioritized mobile-friendly websites and was a wakeup call for marketers. And yet, with customers increasingly mobile first, many brands still treat mobile visitors as mini desktop visitors. Ericcson published a neuroscience study last year that found that the stress caused by using smartphones to find content and complete tasks… Read More

super bowl advertising

Super Bowl ads are running $5 million for a 30 second spot this year, twice what they cost 10 years ago. But the ad itself is increasingly only the start. Brands are now investing an extra 25% on top of the media spend to advertise the ads they’re advertising in the Super Bowl. “There’s become more of a ‘game around… Read More

newsletter list growth

I’ve never understood web sites that subject visitors to a giant pop-up the moment they arrive demanding their email address. The strong-arm tactic is often used before visitors have even had a chance to read whatever article they came to read. And it’s only the starting gambit. Marketers have a whole grab-bag of passive-aggressive tricks to choose from: pop-ups, slide-ins,… Read More

customer-centric marketing

“Customer-centric” is frequently claimed by CMO’s to describe their marketing visions. But, like many feel-good marketing buzzwords, “customer-centricity” has lost much of its meaning. Many marketers give it lip service, but there’s not a lot of alignment on how to define it, or where to start. Marketers aren’t as customer-centric as they think. For all the hype, delivering on the… Read More


It’s a tricky time to be a food marketer. Consumers are scrutinizing more than ever to what goes into the foods they buy. And what constitutes “healthy” to consumers is in flux. The FDA recently announced that it will be calling out “added sugar” on nutrition labels in the future. It is estimated that 68% of processed foods contain added… Read More

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