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make the logo bigger

I first drew a version of this cartoon almost 10 years ago, and decided to riff on the concept with an updated version.  “Make the logo bigger” is still the most common client feedback for creative work, and the quickest way to drive a creative director crazy. A web agency called New Republique once channeled their client frustration into a… Read More

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Most Recent Cartoons

sonic branding

Brand style guides are traditionally visual. When brand interactions are increasingly screenless, how do brands stand out?  How do brands show their identity in a world of sound? Several brands have recently announced new sonic branding strategies in the last year, including HSBC, Coca-Cola, and MasterCard. MasterCard CMO Raja Rajamannar said that agencies asked if he “was smoking something” when… Read More

Advertising Production cartoon

advertising production

After my Cannes cartoon a couple weeks ago, I heard a lot of crazy stories on how the sausage gets made in the world of advertising.  This week’s cartoon was inspired by an anecdote a reader named Mark shared with me about filming in Fiji. In another story, Hershey’s once filmed an ad in a small town in Canada that… Read More

data-driven marketing

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”  Jim Barksdale famously said this as the founding CEO of Netscape in the 90s. Two decades later, we’re operating in a very different data-driven world.  The question is no longer “if we have data”; it’s what data are we choosing to pay… Read More

Cannes and the Marketing Echo Chamber cartoon

cannes and the marketing echo chamber

Marketers descend this week on the French Riviera for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.  Like SXSW and other ideas festivals, it can be inspiring to see some of the most creative work from our industry. But anytime marketers like us get together, we’re in danger of breathing our own exhaust.  As inspiring as these festivals are, they potentially… Read More

How to Define your product cartoon

silo mentality

I originally drew a version of this cartoon back in 2003 and I decided to redraw it from scratch in color.  16 years later, it’s still one of my more frequently licensed cartoons.  I think that speaks to the ever-present challenge of breaking out of organizational silos. I saw a study referenced by Salesforce recently (but couldn’t find the original… Read More

GDPR Consent Fatigue cartoon

data privacy, consent fatigue, and GDPR

GDPR celebrated its first anniversary this week with a flurry of new data privacy regulations on the way, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, called “GDPR-lite” or “California GDPR.” One year later, the effectiveness of GDPR is debatable, company compliance is confusing and bureaucratic, and consumers are drowning in a tidal wave of privacy pop-up notices. As Laura Jehl a… Read More

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