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the new normal

A cafe in northeast Germany implemented a quirky new policy to encourage physical distancing as they re-open.  Cafe & Konditorei Rothe is asking customers to put on colorful hats made out of swimming pool noodles that stick out several feet in all directions. I think the image of customers wearing swimming pool noodle hats is emblematic of “business as unusual.”… Read More

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communicating in a crisis

Brené Brown once gave a talk that explained the difference between empathy and sympathy: “Empathy fuels connection. Sympathy drives disconnection … Empathy is I’m feeling with you. Sympathy, I’m feeling for you.” I see that empathy/sympathy divide in how organizations are choosing to communicate right now.  A time of crisis is when it’s most important to show empathy and fuel… Read More

Resilience and Change cartoon

resilience and change

I’ve been thinking lately about Scott Brinker’s observation back in 2013 that “technology changes exponentially, organizations change logarithmically.”   Scott was referring specifically to marketing technology (and dubbed this conundrum as “Martec’s Law”) but I think this observation also rings true for the time that we’re working now more generally. As Scott later said: “In my opinion, Martec’s Law encapsulates… Read More

Generic Advertising cartoon

generic advertising “in these uncertain times”

Someone named Microsoft Sam recently compiled a selection of current advertisements into one three-minute montage titled: “Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same.”  The video highlights eerily similar copy, music, and visuals across all the ads, spanning automotive to tech to retail. As Microsoft Sam observed in the video liner notes: “Since they can’t film a new ad because of… Read More

Brand Promise cartoon

our brand promise

Supply chain software firm BlueYonder recently found that 87% of consumers faced out-of-stocks at their grocery store.  A related survey from eMeals reported that shoppers are unable to find 40% of grocery items on their shopping lists. A supply-constrained climate like this challenges how brands are perceived, evaluated and valued. Shopkick found 85% of consumers say brand names do not… Read More

urgency without clarity on digital transformation

My cartoon last week on the COVID-19 digital transformation wrecking ball seems to have touched a nerve.  That cartoon was shared and licensed more than just about any cartoon I’ve created in the last 18 years (nearly as widely as this other cartoon I drew on digital transformation in 2018). Organizations are all feeling the sudden and increased urgency of… Read More

Digital Transformation cartoon

digital transformation and organizational change

There’s a funny image circulating right now of a survey that asks, “Who led the digital transformation of your company? A) CEO B) CTO C) COVID-19.” COVID-19 is circled. COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation at many companies, knocking through long-standing resistance and silos.  As ITWC CIO Jim Love noted, “Sometimes it takes a crisis to turn people’s mindsets around.” The… Read More

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