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Spinning a PR Crisis

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle is a master class in how not to handle a crisis. Much will be investigated in the months ahead. But what I find particularly interesting is how Samsung communicated what was happening at each stage of the crisis. This weekend, the US DOT banned the Galaxy Note 7 on all US flights, categorizing the… Read More

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Full-service Agencies cartoon

full-service agencies

It’s an age-old decision point in marketing — work with a range of specialized agencies, or find a full-service agency that can handle everything. In the last couple years, we’ve seen an ever-expanding tick-box approach to agency services. This decision point has only gotten more complicated. In the late-90’s, I joined one of the first digital agencies in the Bay… Read More

digital marketing metrics cartoon

digital marketing metrics

Marketing is more measurable than ever. But many of those measurements come from black boxes that marketers don’t fully understand. The WSJ recently revealed that Facebook had been overstating a key video ad metric for two years. Facebook informed ad buying agency Publicis that the earlier metric overestimated time spent watching Facebook videos by 60 – 80%. The issue was… Read More

Smart Devices cartoon

the future of smart devices

The Internet of Things is coming soon to consumer packaged goods. Pernod Ricard introduced a pilot last month with 40,000 bottles of Malibu rum, turned into “digital touchpoints” with an NFC chip. The bottles connect wirelessly to your phone, providing exclusive content like drinks recipes and prize draws. As marketing manager Jo Alexander put it: “We have identified an opportunity… Read More

Customer Journey cartoon

the customer journey

Marketers have more data at their disposal than ever. But it still feel’s like a giant game of “Where’s Waldo” in determining where customers are in the customer journey. And deciding what messages to share at any point in time. In many ways, we currently have the worst of both worlds. Customers know (and in some cases resent) that their… Read More

Email Newsletters cartoon

brand newsletters

Most brands have some form of newsletter to connect with customers. But for many brands, more emphasis is placed on getting people to sign up than on giving them a reason to sign up. Last week David Hieatt, founder of Hiut Denim and the Do Lectures gave a workshop in London on the power of the humble email newsletter. I… Read More

Targeting cartoon

marketing targeting

The marketing world is buzzing about P&G’s announcement last month that they’re moving away from Facebook ads that target specific consumers. As CMO Marc Pritchard described the move, “We targeted too much, and we went too narrow. And now we’re looking at: What is the best way to get the most reach but also the right precision.” Coming from the… Read More

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