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From Brand Safety to Brand Suitability

Brand safety has been high on marketers’ agendas since the 2017 YouTube crisis, when some advertisers found their ads next to terrorist videos. Yet the blunt tool response that followed has brought its own problems.  Many brands started addressing brand safety with overly broad keyword blocklists that can penalize legitimate content and make it harder to find audiences, limiting reach… Read More

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The Pace of Change cartoon

the pace of change

“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again,” Justin Trudeau famously said in his 2018 speech at Davos. Of course that was two years before COVID-19 changed and accelerated everyone’s plans beyond recognition.   A recent McKinsey report chronicled a few examples of organizations making heroic overnight changes in the last… Read More

Customer Experience Management cartoon

customer experience management

COVID-19 is drawing fresh attention to the promise of customer experience management (and all its ancillary marketing buzzwords shown in this cartoon).   Yet there’s still a yawning gap between the shiny promise of technology to deliver a better customer experience and the old-fashioned analog organizational limitations that hold back that potential. Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, recently… Read More

Value Proposition cartoon

the value proposition and lessons from higher education

“Universities are no longer nonprofits, but the highest-gross-margin luxury brands in the world,” NYU Professor Scott Galloway wrote recently. Professor Galloway has been exploring the crisis of higher education in the U.S. lately, accelerated by the pandemic.  Of all the wrecking ball implications of Covid-19 on brands, the impact on higher education is one of the most dramatic.  And as… Read More

Facebook Ad Boycott cartoon

facebook ad boycott and 10+ years of facebook cartoons

“The way you allocate your media spend, where you put your ads, talks about your company.  We moved from brand safety to, I think, societal safety.” This is the perspective of Stephan Loerke, CEO of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), in response to the growing Facebook ad boycott by big brands. WFA members represent 90% of global marketing communication… Read More

strategic options in a recession

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”   This was Mike Tyson’s famous response when asked by a reporter if he was worried about Evander Holyfield’s boxing fight plan. I think it also applies to the best laid 2020 strategic marketing plans. Mark Ritson shared in an insightful MarketingWeek webinar that brands now find themselves in… Read More

Zoom Fatigue cartoon

zoom fatigue

“Zoom fatigue has me wanting a landline and a rotary phone,” Tammy Sun, Founder and CEO of Carrot, shared recently. Tammy spends 9 out of every 10 conversations on Zoom, 6 days a week. All meetings have started to default to video conferencing.  As have family reunions, happy hours, workouts, webinars, and just about every other social interaction. Zoom has… Read More

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