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state of user experience design

User experience design often loses sight of the actual user. When sites optimize so much for the behavior that it wants to influence next (collecting an email address, moving people into a funnel), the reason that people come to the site in the first place can get overlooked (or buried under pop-ups). There’s a continual balancing act between user experience… Read More

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customer experience

Whenever I’m in the midst of a frustrating customer service exchange, I find myself reaching for a sketch pad. Last week it was Nespresso, but I think what happened is commonplace and illustrates some of where customer experience frequently falls short. I placed a simple coffee order online that turned into a lengthy web chat a week later when the… Read More

marketing predictions

This time of year, we marketers love to make bold predictions about the year ahead. We are perennially excited about the shiny new thing. That excitement can keep us informed but it can also distract us from what may actually be most important for our marketing strategy, our brand, and our business. It can also keep us tethered to the… Read More

TED talk on the Power of Laughing at Ourselves

My TED talk just went live. In October, I spoke at the TED headquarters in New York on how humor can be a vehicle to talk about things that are otherwise hard to talk about. At work, humor is often overlooked or discouraged, but it can be one of the most powerful communication tools. Humor brings people a sense of… Read More

data, privacy, and brand trust

Last week’s NYT exposé into the intimate location data collected and shared by mobile apps (including one app that tracked a user’s location more than 14,000 times a day) is the latest in a constant stream of bombshell data privacy revelations in 2018. A recent GlobalWebIndex survey found that 72% of consumers in the US and UK are more aware… Read More

aging in advertising

Ryan Wallman recently make a few hysterically true marketing predictions for 2019, including “Marketers will continue to ignore all consumers over the age of 35, unless someone discovers a way to put these consumers on the blockchain.” Baby Boomers control 70% of disposable income in the US, spend close to 50% of consumer products dollars, and have greater buying power… Read More

voice of the customer

A couple months ago, I cartooned about customer survey fatigue and the barrage of satisfaction surveys for every minor brand interaction. Marketers sometimes forget that the survey experience is as much a part of customer experience as the customer experience they’re designed to measure. Boring, long, or pestering surveys leave a brand impression too. I recently bought a new car… Read More

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