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Social Media Dashboard cartoon

metrics metrics everywhere

I’m struck by an observation this week from Alison Hanrahan, Head of Marketing Performance at HSBC: “As marketers we have to be careful not to settle for campaign metrics … we have to push for business outcomes.” As marketing has grown more siloed and specialized over the years, marketing activities are too often decoupled from business impact.  There’s no shortage… Read More

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Marketing 4Ps cartoon

reinventing the marketing 4Ps

There’s a constant tendency in the marketing community to throw out long-established marketing concepts in favor of something new.   The classic “4Ps” (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) is often in the crosshairs, sometimes with new Ps like “Purpose”, “People”, “Process”, “Performance”, or “Personalization” thrown haphazardly into the marketing mix. Mark Ritson recently mocked this behavior by launching a “Four P… Read More

Clubhouse cartoon

brands on social media

“Because it’s so new and fresh, brands seemingly have no idea what to look for when it comes to Clubhouse, they just know it’s a significant avenue that they should capitalize on.” With all the recent hype on Clubhouse, I think this observation from Jin Yu, an investor and Clubhouse influencer, captures the moment for brands.  There is both urgency… Read More

Brand Safety Whack-a-mole cartoon

brand safety whack-a-mole

Rob Rakowitz, former head of media at Mars, once described brand safety as “a constant game of whack-a-mole.”   The game has only gotten more urgent and intense in the last year.  A Sizmek study found 64% of marketers struggle to implement an effective brand safety strategy. Rob now leads a task force at the World Federation of Advertising (WFA)… Read More

Sustainability cartoon

sustainability marketing

EcoVeritas CEO David Harding-Brown recently observed: “Sustainability as an umbrella term is becoming meaningless; a series of macro statements that consumers can no longer relate to or engage with.” A consumer protection group called ICPEN recently found that 42% of sustainability claims made by brands online were “exaggerated, false, or deceptive.” In 1983, an undergrad named Jay Westerveld coined the… Read More

Chief Status Quo Officer cartoon

status quo and resistance to change

If the only constant is change, a close second is the resistance to that change. Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company magazine, once stumbled across an obscure article written by a Product Manager in 1959 entitled “50 Reasons Why We Cannot Change.”  The Product Manager, E.F. Borisch, compiled this list while working for the Milwaukee Gear Company, and many of… Read More

Building Resilience cartoon

building resilience

There is renewed emphasis on resilience this last year, which PwC defines as “an organization’s capacity to anticipate and react to change, not only to survive, but also to evolve.”   The byword in this definition is change, and much of the focus has been on how to build a culture of agility. As literal Groundhog Day passed this last… Read More

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