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holiday deal creep

Black Friday has long shed its American Thanksgiving roots, spreading around the world, spanning more of the calendar, and pulling in more brands and retailers.  Black Friday has morphed into Black November and Cyber Monday has expanded into Cyber Week. As Marshall Cohen of the NPD Group put it: “Black Friday used to be the greatest day in retail all… Read More

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Brand Trust cartoon

brand trust

“Customers are in the midst of a trust crisis,” Salesforce CMO Stephanie Buscemi recently observed. Citing a Salesforce study, she said “54% of customers don’t think companies operate with their best interests in mind.” Richard Edelman made a similar observation after the Edelman 2019 Brand Trust Survey published earlier this year: “Eighty-one percent say, ‘Trust in brands is an important… Read More

Omnichannel Customer Engagement cartoon

omnichannel customer engagement

Customer engagement is often discussed purely as a technology challenge.  If only brands had the right platform, the right tools and the right customer data, they would somehow build deep and meaningful relationships with their customers. But I think what sometimes gets lost is why a customer should care about having a relationship with a brand in the first place. … Read More

KPI Overload cartoon

KPI overload

We are working in a golden age of metrics.  But the explosion in available data and metrics can give us KPI tunnel vision.  It can blind businesses to what’s really most important. Sky found that it was tracking more that 2,000 KPIs across their business, leading to short-termism and disjointed marketing.  They eventually found a way to narrow the KPIs… Read More

A/B Testing Cartoon

always be testing

As marketing evolves, one of the key shifts is the ability to test everything, all the time.  Compared to my earliest marketing jobs in the late 90s, the tools of experimentation have been democratized and the cycle time between experiments have disappeared.  We can get instant learning on just about any attribute we care to test on just about any… Read More

Innovation and Risk cartoon

innovation and risk

The situation of this cartoon was suggested by Dan Morrill, on how organizations frequently approach new ideas. Organizations give mixed signals with innovation.  There is pressure to come up with breakthrough new ideas that will push the business forward.  Yet there is simultaneous resistance to any ideas that are actually breakthrough. It’s an innovation catch-22.  As a result, organizations can… Read More

four horsemen of the brainstorm

I recently rediscovered a beautiful quote from Jonathan Ive on the fragility of ideas. This was part of the tribute he delivered at Steve Jobs’ 2011 memorial: “Steve used to say to me — and he used to say this a lot — “Hey Jony, here’s a dopey idea. And sometimes they were. Really dopey. Sometimes they were truly dreadful…. Read More

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