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watching the numbers

Marketers can track business performance more closely than ever before. Reports that used to take weeks or months are now available practically in real-time. All of this can make marketers savvier. Better data can lead to better decision-making. But with noses buried in dashboards, marketers need to be careful not to miss the big picture. Obsessing over metrics can lead… Read More

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the ROI of marketing

CMOs and CFOs often speak completely different languages. This can create a lack of understanding and appreciation for the role and impact of marketing on the business. Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar calls this the “existential crisis of the CMO.” He says it’s essential for marketers to think and talk more like business managers than communications experts. As Raja says, “Because… Read More

lifestyle brands

Creating a lifestyle brand is catnip to marketers. Many brand teams find it irresistible to try to elevate and stretch their brands as far as they will go, occasionally losing sight of the actual consumer in the process. Lifestyle branding gone awry can lead to a phenomenon that David Taylor coined as “Brand Ego Tripping.” Levi’s suits and Colgate Ready… Read More

vanity metrics

As marketing becomes increasingly data-driven, we have to be careful we’re measuring the right metrics. It’s easy to cultivate a false sense of security looking at rosy marketing dashboards that don’t actually tie to business results. I like how Lloyd Tabb, Founder and CTO of Looker, distinguishes between vanity metrics and clarity metrics. In his words: “Vanity metrics are surface-level… Read More

innovation dreamers, realists, and spoilers

“In most organizations, innovation isn’t hampered by a lack of ideas, but rather a lack of noticing the good ideas already there. It’s not an idea problem; it’s a recognition problem.” I like this observation from David Burkus in the HBR a couple years ago. There can be a lot of friction when ideas move from conception to execution. The… Read More

how to define your brand positioning

A clear, concise positioning statement is the starting point of branding and marketing. It creates consistency when consumers see an ad, pick up a product, talk to a salesperson, or visit a store. Yet many positioning efforts are far from clear and concise. Encapsulated in elaborate diagrams as brand onions, brand keys, brand pyramids, brand architectures, brand unicorns, etc., the… Read More

the personalization gap

We’re in a marketing catch-22. Consumers increasingly demand hyper-personalized experiences but are increasingly reluctant to hand over the data needed to make those experiences personalized. A recent Accenture report found that 44% of U.S. consumers are frustrated when companies fail to delivery relevant, personalized shopping experiences but half (49%) are concerned about personal data privacy. And 43% of U.S. consumers… Read More

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