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innovation myopia

Apple has used “one more thing…” as a closing catchphrase off and on since 1998. Steve Jobs would pretend the event was over, start leaving the stage, and then would say “one more thing” before revealing some magical new innovation. Tim Cook said it most recently with the launch of the Apple Watch in 2014. The next big Apple event… Read More

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the marketing tech stack

According to Gartner, marketing technology now accounts for 29% of the total marketing budget. That’s currently the single largest area of marketing investment, greater than talent (24%), paid media (23%), and agencies (23%). Scott Brinker started mapping the marketing technology landscape in 2011, with 150 marketing technology solutions available to marketers. In 2018, he released an updated graphic with a… Read More

personal branding

As the marketing saying goes, “brands want to be people and people want to be brands.” When Tom Peters wrote “A Brand Called You” in Fast Company in 1997, he first popularized the whole notion of personal branding: “As of this moment, you’re going to think of yourself differently! … You don’t ‘belong to’ any company for life, and your… Read More

cost-cutting and zero-based budgeting

As the old maxim goes, you can’t cut your way to growth. Last week, Kraft Heinz posted record losses and an historic goodwill write-down. Many are pointing to years of aggressive and relentless cost-cutting as a root cause. Since their merger in 2015, Kraft Heinz has become the poster child of a budget planning tool called zero-based budgeting (ZBB), evangelized… Read More

7 types of marketing personas

Marketing personas sometimes say more about the marketing team than the customer. Often written out of sight in the ivory towers of marketing, personas are frequently unveiled without clear context of what they mean, how they were formed, or how the rest of the organization is supposed to use them. A couple years ago, I consulted with an early stage… Read More

brand social purpose

Sometimes we marketers can climb so far up the brand ladder from functional benefits to emotional benefits to social benefits, we can lose touch with why people are buying our products in the first place. There is power in purpose-driven brands. And yet, when every piece of marketing attempts to communicate some kind of social purpose, social purpose can start… Read More

what goes in an ad

After serious political forays in 2017 and 2018, ads focused much more on levity in this year’s Super Bowl. A recent Morning Consult poll showed that two-thirds of Americans don’t think political ads have any place in the Super Bowl. Morning Consult CEO Michael Ramlet said, “The Super Bowl is definitely the wrong place to make a statement.” He goes… Read More

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