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culture of innovation

I’m giving a talk this week in Amsterdam about building a culture of innovation and I stumbled across a recent innovation report from Capgemini that I found interesting. Capgemini reports that 87% of companies now have a space dedicated to innovation (a 27% increase in innovation centers versus last year). But only 17% of companies say that innovation is taking… Read More

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the blockchain bandwagon

A few weeks ago, a publicly traded beverage company called Long Island Iced Tea Corp changed it’s name to Long Blockchain and announced that it was focusing on blockchain technology. Their stock surged 200% on the news. Last week, Chanticleer Holdings, which owns burger restaurants and is a franchisee of Hooters, said that it was using blockchain for a new… Read More

retargeting ads

’Tis the season for retargeting ads. Major shopping periods spark a surge in campaigns triggered by items consumers browse, place in their carts, or (annoyingly) have already purchased. Samuel Scott gave an interesting talk in October about the net effect of all of this retargeting. He said: “If anyone here uses retargeting, then it’s your fault that people are blocking… Read More

retail in the age of amazon

“In the age of Amazon, retailers must leverage assets that Bezos doesn’t have: When Amazon zigs, retails must zag.” This was a quote from NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway in a Fast Company report this week on “The Future of Retail in the Age of Amazon.” Some analysts are calling this era a retail apocalypse. In the US this year,… Read More


“There is a lot of talk about creating customer-centric organizations but not nearly enough action,” a recent Forrester report said. Forrester described 2018 as “a year of reckoning” for many businesses: “Unmet customer expectations are resulting in churn; the lack of digital transformation gains is translating to loss of market share; industry lines that protected some are crumbling; and longstanding,… Read More

machine learning

Farhad Manjoo, technology columnist for the New York Times, went to the Google I/O conference earlier this year and joked, “I have been counting occurrences of the phrase ‘now, we use machine learning’ and I got to 70 trillion.’” This has certainly been a watershed year for machine learning and the overall AI arms race, particularly in marketing technology. Salesforce… Read More

the evolution of advertising

A few weeks ago, I drew a cartoon on the Future of Advertising, imagining increasingly invasive advertising in our homes, thanks to technology and IOT. The cartoon seemed to strike a chord, and even popped up in the Wall Street Journal. And yet while advertisers are gaining increasingly powerful tools to reach consumers in ways never before possible, consumers are… Read More

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