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NFT bandwagon cartoon

the NFT bandwagon

A couple months after NFTs caught the public imagination with the $69 million auction of a JPEG, it has been fascinating to see how brands have scrambled to jump on the NFT bandwagon. As Cathy Hackl put it, “everyone is talking about NFTs, and few people actually understand them.” In the luxury world, brands like Gucci and RTFKT created NFTs… Read More

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Design Thinking cartoon

Design Thinking and the Theater of Innovation

The design thinking methodology, pioneered and evangelized by fabled design firm IDEO, has spread from products to services to just about anything in business. “Design Thinking” has joined the corporate lexicon in a similar fashion as “Agile”.  It means different things to different people and, too often, is used as shorthand for a magic potion approach to innovation and creative… Read More

Creative Brief Gap cartoon

the creative brief gap

In 2015, the ANA surveyed advertisers and agencies to identify problems in the often dysfunctional client/agency relationship.  One issue rose to the top — the creative brief. The ANA found that 58% of clients believe they do a good job with creative briefs.  Yet only 27% of agencies agree (and 0% “strongly agree”).  This gap in perception between those giving… Read More

digital advertising cartoon

the state of digital advertising

Last year PwC investigated where the money goes in digital advertising, at the behest of the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA).  This wasn’t an easy task, as a single programmatic ad placement can involve 20 different players, each taking a cut. PwC found that a whopping half (49%) of digital ad spending is syphoned off before it reaches publishers. … Read More

Customer Experience Friction cartoon

customer experience friction

Market research firm Statista reported that the global shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers in 2020 was 88%.   This is driven by a number of factors, but friction in customer experience plays a big role.  One study pegged that a quarter of people abandoned shopping carts because the checkout process was too complicated. That friction happens sometimes by… Read More

Advertising without Cookies cartoon

advertising without cookies

Adland is counting down to the end of third-party cookies by 2022, which has major implications for marketers. Some of the digital ad industry is working on alternative techniques to track people.  A few of these techniques could be even more invasive than cookies, like tying people to email addresses (permanent) instead of advertising IDs (temporary).   As Gartner analyst… Read More

Social Media Dashboard cartoon

metrics metrics everywhere

I’m struck by an observation this week from Alison Hanrahan, Head of Marketing Performance at HSBC: “As marketers we have to be careful not to settle for campaign metrics … we have to push for business outcomes.” As marketing has grown more siloed and specialized over the years, marketing activities are too often decoupled from business impact.  There’s no shortage… Read More

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