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Tip Creep, Tip-flation, and Tip Fatigue cartoon

Tip Creep, Tip-flation, and Tip Fatigue

Asking for a tip is increasingly part of the customer experience. Partly because of the ubiquitous touch screens now at most points of purchase, tipping has crept to just about every type of transaction — from takeout to self-service frozen yogurt to propane refills to buying a t-shirt at a concert.  Service tips of 15-30% are commonly requested before service… Read More

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Marketing Babble cartoon

Marketing Babble

I recently heard the way marketers speak described as “Jargon-Monoxide Poisoning,” which made me laugh.   I think “Jargon-Monoxide” is produced by every part of a business, but marketers are particularly adept at “Jargon-Monoxide Poisoning.”  It’s ironic that the business discipline in charge of communications has such a hard time communicating what it does without jargon.   There are multiple… Read More

"By Bots, For Bots" cartoon

By Bots, For Bots

There’s a funny conspiracy theory that the Internet secretly “died” six years ago — and is now mostly filled with bots communicating with other bots.  As Kaitlyn Tiffany wrote in the Atlantic last year: “‘Dead-internet theory’ suggests that the internet has been almost entirely taken over by artificial intelligence …  “YouTube, for a time, had such high bot traffic that… Read More

Spray and Pray cartoon

Spray-and-Pray Marketing and Sales

No matter how sophisticated the tools have gotten or how rich the data, I find it funny how much of marketing and sales still rely on blunt force, one-size-fits-all lead generation tactics like these.   This scattershot approach is often described as “spray and pray” — broadcasting generic messages to large groups in hopes that a small percentage will magically… Read More

Decisions, Decisions cartoon

Decisions, Decisions

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a decision,” is a truism strangely popularized both by René Descartes, the 17th century French philosopher, and Rush, the prog rock band. We can always analyze more data and write more decision trees, but we never have 100% confidence in how things are going to turn out after making a… Read More

Evolution of Marketing cartoon

Evolution of Marketing and 20 Years of Marketoonist

Last Friday marked 20 years of Marketoonist.  On October 21, 2002, I published my very first marketing cartoon, then called Brand Camp.  It was a cartoon on the 8 Types of Brand Managers. I had just started as an Associate Marketing Manager at General Mills, working on Yoplait.  I emailed this first cartoon to 35 co-workers from my cubicle on… Read More

Fear of Recession cartoon

Fear of Recession

There’s nothing spookier this Halloween than some of the headlines. Sapio Research recently found that a whopping 95% of global businesses are concerned about a potential recession, with 45% of US businesses “highly concerned.” Fear can drive a knee-jerk response in a recessionary environment to cut, cut, cut — marketing budgets, media spend, hiring, headcount, R&D investment. In 2010, Harvard… Read More

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