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Media Context cartoon

Media Context and Brand Suitability

Where an ad appears can sometimes communicate more than the ad itself. Keith Browning, LinkedIn’s brand marketing global lead, shared an interesting analogy a few years ago on the relative importance of content and context.  He recounted an experiment by Joshua Bell, one of the top violinists in the world. One day, Joshua stepped onto a metro stop in DC… Read More

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Digital Upskilling cartoon

Digital Upskilling

Thorsten Strauss recently sent a funny observation to me that “ the Prompt Engineer is the new Growth Hacker.” The AI Prompt Engineer is suddenly an in-demand job, as organizations scramble how to work with generative AI. Insider recently reported salaries up to $375k for prompt engineers, even for those without a tech background. It’s currently a seller’s market and… Read More

Social Listening cartoon

Social Listening and Consumer Insights

“The plural of anecdote is not data,” the old aphorism goes.  I think the inverse is also interesting: “The singular of data is not anecdote.”  Marcus Collins, Head of Strategy at Wieden+Kennedy New York, made the following observation a couple years ago: “Though the amount of data available to marketers has increased exponentially over time, our ability to extract insight… Read More

Focus Groups and the Oracles of Eden Prairie cartoon

Focus Groups and the Oracles of Eden Prairie

This cartoon is less about focus groups than how we often use focus groups.  Or really any type of market research.    Years ago, I overheard some agency friends joke about “the Oracles of Eden Prairie.”  Eden Prairie is a suburb of Minneapolis, where a lot of focus groups happen.   These agency friends went on to describe the strange… Read More

Podcasts cartoon

Podcasts for Everyone

In 2019, I drew a cartoon poking fun at the explosion of new podcasts, with one podcaster saying to another: “Thank you for being a podcast guest on my new podcast about podcasting for podcasters starting podcasts to podcast to other podcasters.” At that point, Apple claimed 700,000 unique podcasts on iTunes.  Then came Covid.  In 2020 alone, over a… Read More

Navigating AI Hype cartoon

Navigating AI Hype

My cartoon last week, “AI Written, AI Read”, has already become one of my more widely shared cartoons ever — nearly a million impressions on LinkedIn alone.  Generative AI is clearly on a lot of our minds right now. Nat Friedman, former GitHub CEO, voiced the level of hype related to Generative AI at a Jasper conference recently:  “I think… Read More

AI Written, AI Read cartoon

AI Written, AI Read

One piece of slang that has long embodied the short attention span Internet age is TL;DR, short for “too long; didn’t read.”  With the explosion of generative AI tools, we’re rapidly entering the age of TL;DW: “too long, didn’t write.”  A January survey from Fishbowl found that 40% of nearly 12,000 workers have used ChatGPT or other AI tools at… Read More

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