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"Generational Marketing" cartoon

marketing to younger generations

August 30, 2015 ⋅ 5 Comments

A marketing friend shared with me that one of her brand’s biggest challenges was how to stay relevant with the next generation of consumers. Many brands are having a generational identity crisis. While still obsessing over Millennials, marketing teams are also starting to retool their brands to resonate for Generation Z (whose oldest members turn 18 this year). This results…

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Marketoon of The Week
"Data-driven" cartoon

data-driven decision making

I heard a marketer say recently, “Publishing numbers in a powerpoint deck does not make them true.” We have never had greater access to data to make decisions. But it has also never been easier to cherry pick data to support whatever point we’re trying to make. Being data-driven in our decision making increasingly means being data-skeptical. Whether intentional or…

"Design Thinking" cartoon

design thinking

Design Thinking is one of the more hyped (and frequently misunderstood) terms in business. Many companies have jumped on the Design Thinking bandwagon without really knowing what it means. The term is frequently trotted out to describe just about any organization — even organizations with a pretty superficial appreciation of Design. Sometimes the Design Thinking term gets confused with its…

"Instagram" cartoon

Instagram advertising

There are suddenly many more marketers trying to figure out how to resonate on Instagram. Last week Instagram opened the advertising floodgates, dropping the minimum spend and switching on an Ads API so that brands can start campaigns without talking to a rep. This is after a lengthy trial-and-error period with pilot campaigns. As so many brands rush into Instagram…

"ad viewability" cartoon

ad viewability

This is one of of those rare cartoons where I didn’t have to exaggerate anything to make a situation sound ridiculous. The digital ad world has been is a state of disarray since Google shared the results of a study 18 months ago that a whopping 56.1% of display ad impressions are not even seen. And the criteria for whether…

"Wearables Marketing" cartoon

wearable marketing

I heard recently that the average person checks their mobile 150 times a day. From a marketer’s perspective, that’s a lot of potential touch points — both in collecting data and in messaging. But it pales in comparison to the staggering world of wearables. Technology is giving unparalleled access for marketers to understand consumers, and to reach them in a…

"Polarize" cartoon

the power of polarization

Labeling an idea polarizing can be the marketing kiss of death. Businesses often avoid ideas that are polarizing, whether new products, ad campaigns, or promotions. It’s always easier to launch the next flavor of vanilla. But there’s power in polarization. If you try to appeal to everyone, you won’t necessarily appeal to anyone in particular. In a world of clutter,…

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