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being agile

“The word ‘agile’ as been subverted to the point where it is effectively meaningless,” wrote Dave Thomas, one of the 17 original signers of the Agile Manifesto. First drafted as a manifesto for software development by software developers in 2001, Agile as a methodology has since spread business-wide. An organization called AgileSherpas recently released the “2018 State of Agile Marketing”… Read More

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brand standing

Sprout Social released a survey that concluded two-thirds of consumers say its important for brands to take a stand on social or political issues. Edelman echoed that sentiment with a 2017 study that found 51% of respondents believe brands have more power to solve social issues than the government. And they reported that 57% of consumers are more likely to… Read More

influencer fatigue

Gartner L2 recently reported that 70% of brands across industries worked with influencers on Instagram in 2017. Influencer marketing is projected to become a $5 to $10 billion market in the next 5 years. These reports came before the Facebook algorithm change and the impending GDPR deadline threw many marketers’ social plans into disarray, which suggest even more brand investment… Read More

Glass Half Full

innovation risk

New ideas inherently carry risk. And there’s often friction between the risk profiles of our ideas and the risk tolerances of our organization. How we navigate and manage that friction impacts what, if anything, makes it through the gauntlet of the innovation process. Risk tolerance can vary across different parts of the business. Ultimately we need all of these different… Read More

5 stages of data privacy grief

“Hey Ms. Consumer, you get email, search, maps, friendship interaction and voice-activated homes for free! How good is that? Just don’t look at the pipe at the back of your house pumping terabytes of data back to Northern California.” This quote was from a fascinating Mark Ritson editorial a few weeks ago in MarketingWeek. Mark wrote about the recent data… Read More

marketing at the point of sale

“You go to the drug store now, you buy one or two things, you get a receipt that’s like a Miss America sash,” Jimmy Kimmel joked a couple years ago. E-receipts may be on the rise, but many retailers are still cranking out massive paper receipts at the till. Adweek performed an experiment with eight national retailers in the US…. Read More

product proliferation

In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and increasingly grew frustrated by all of the product complexity he saw at review meetings. He famously shouted “Stop! This is crazy” and drew a two-by-two grid on the whiteboard. At the top of the two columns, he wrote “Consumer” and “Professional” and to the left of the two rows he wrote “Desktop”… Read More

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