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four horsemen of the brainstorm

I recently rediscovered a beautiful quote from Jonathan Ive on the fragility of ideas. This was part of the tribute he delivered at Steve Jobs’ 2011 memorial: “Steve used to say to me — and he used to say this a lot — “Hey Jony, here’s a dopey idea. And sometimes they were. Really dopey. Sometimes they were truly dreadful…. Read More

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Push Notification cartoon

push notification overload

According to an Appiterate survey, 71% of all app uninstalls are triggered by a push notification.  And eMarketer found that the top reason (57%) US smartphone users unsubscribe from a brand’s mobile messaging is “too many messages or updates.” In the pursuit of customer experience, brands sometimes create a crappy customer experience.  Constantly optimizing for engagement metrics can lead to… Read More

Evolution of New Products cartoon

evolution of new products

“Apple delivered exactly the iPhones everyone expected on Tuesday — and that’s kind of the problem. Instead of “one more thing,” Apple’s event was more like none more thing.” This was how Axios summarized Apple’s latest new product event earlier this month.  The most notable new iPhone feature was a camera system with three cameras.  Samsung had already launched a… Read More

Page Load Times cartoon

the state of e-commerce

This cartoon idea was suggested by Brian Fung, reacting to some interesting Google research on how even a one-second delay affects bounce rates.  Google found that as page load time goes from 1s to 3s, the probability of bounce increases 32%.  As it goes from 1s to 5s, the probability of bounce increases 90%.  Brian questioned how much had do… Read More

how to unsubscribe from a marketing newsletter

I’ve never understood why so many brands turn the choice of unsubscribing from their newsletter into a negative brand experience.  Or why purchasing a t-shirt means that the retailer assumes you want to hear from them 5 times a week for the rest of your life. It’s as old as digital marketing, but the humble email newsletter remains one of… Read More

Sustainability cartoon

talking about sustainability

Consumers increasingly look for sustainability credentials in the brands they buy.  And yet, whenever brands talk about sustainability, consumers are increasingly sensitive to green-washing and hypocrisy.   Google caught flak most recently for hosting a climate change summit on the coast of Sicily a few weeks ago, when it came out that over 100 of the celebrity attendees turned up… Read More

Fix it in Post

In an advertising shoot, we often hear someone say, “we’ll fix it in post”.  It can be comforting to hear (particularly at the end of a long day), but it’s often a cop out.   Marketers learn the hard way that there’s only so much that we can actually fix in post-production. Our source footage limits how much we can… Read More

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