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7 types of LinkedIn requests

“It’s too bad most people only think about their network when they need something from it.”  I heard this years ago from branding adviser Denise Lee Yohn and it stuck with me. In 2012, the default generic introduction message on LinkedIn was “Since you are a person I trust, I wanted to invite you to join my network on LinkedIn.” … Read More

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Advertising in the Super Bowl cartoon

Advertising in the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the world’s biggest marketing stage, so it’s always educational to see how brands place their bets.   The stakes are high, with $5.6 million for the 30-second media buy alone in 2020.  In the most recent Super Bowl advertising study from Communicus (2017), they found that 80% of Super Bowl ads failed to significant impact for… Read More

Meetings cartoon

why are we meeting?

David Hieatt recently drafted a few internal principles he uses to create a culture of “Deep Work” at his company, Hiut Denim. The idea of Deep Work was famously coined by Cal Newport. Number one on David’s list is: “Protect you from meetings.” As he framed it to his team: “Most meetings are the result of lazy thinking. The problem… Read More

Customer Satisfaction Metrics cartoon

customer satisfaction metrics

Net Promoter Score is the mother of all customer satisfaction metrics.  Created by Bain partner Fred Reichheld 16 years ago, NPS is the two-digit number generated by the ubiquitous one-question survey that now seems to trail just about every customer interaction — “How likely are you to recommend this brand to your friends and family?” Ironically, this most popular mechanism… Read More

Smart Devices and 5G cartoon

Smart Devices and 5G

A French entrepreneur named Nicholas Baldeck pranked CES 2020 last week by debuting the “World’s First Smart Potato” at an actual CES booth.   It’s an antenna that you stick into a potato and connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth.  You can then ask the potato questions like a Magic Eight Ball, tapping into the potato’s “artificial intelligence”.  As he… Read More

Peak Brand Purpose cartoon

peak brand purpose

I was struck by a recent editorial from Russell Parsons on “peak brand purpose”, which he linked to a crisis of confidence in marketing as a discipline. He wrote: “We reached peak brand purpose in 2019 with Gillette’s ‘The Best a Man Can Be’ and Cadbury’s ‘Unity Bar’…   “Marketers have sought to become part of the solution to the… Read More

Misfit Toys cartoon

the island of misfit innovation

I always liked the inventiveness of the flops on the Island of Misfit Toys in the classic 1964 Rudolph animation — a cowboy riding an ostrich, an airplane that can’t fly, a spotted elephant, a train with square wheels.  Every business has their own island of misfits — innovations that failed to make it.  Most companies treat these misfits the… Read More

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