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decision paralysis

I recently stumbled across the old cliche adage attributed to Cicero: “More is lost by indecision than wrong decision.” Every business is being asked to make decisions with incomplete information right now.  What limited information we do have can change quickly. There’s often no clear right call in such a climate of uncertainty.  And so, the default decision is no… Read More

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How Not To Communicate cartoon

how not to communicate right now

Brands are judged less by how they operate when things go right, than by how they handle situations when things go wrong.   Mark Ritson recently recounted the story of Marks & Spencer during World War II, when the retailer made ration clothing for the British public.   They had to figure out how to manufacture clothing in a different… Read More

Virtual Collaboration cartoon

virtual collaboration

Team collaboration can be tricky in the best of times, but it will be interesting to see how completely virtual meetings will test this further — particularly when we add strained WiFi, the learning curve of more people learning new videoconferencing tools, and trying to juggle kids in the background.  Videoconferencing technology has advanced (and kudos to Zoom for announcing… Read More

managing uncertainty

“The worst thing to do in a time of chaos is add to it.” I found this quote from an article from Ogilvy on British brands reacting to the Brexit vote a few years ago.  While Brexit isn’t a good corollary for what is happening now, I was reminded by this quote that we will periodically have to navigate times… Read More

"Customer-Centric Culture" cartoon

customer-centric culture

Many companies pay lip service to being customer-centric, but don’t actually put it into practice.  When used primarily as a buzzword, it’s no surprise the results are only buzzword-deep. The CMO Council found that “only 14 percent of marketers would say that customer-centricity is a hallmark of their companies, and only 11 percent believe their customers would agree with that… Read More

Digital Transformation cartoon

what is digital transformation?

A recent report found that 94% of businesses said that digital transformation was high on their list of priorities and 51% said they’re moving on these priorities in the next month. Yet a separate YouGov study found that 54% of employees either don’t understand (20%) or misinterpret (34%) the meaning of digital transformation. When more than half of employees are… Read More

LinkedIn Requests

7 types of LinkedIn requests

“It’s too bad most people only think about their network when they need something from it.”  I heard this years ago from branding adviser Denise Lee Yohn and it stuck with me. In 2012, the default generic introduction message on LinkedIn was “Since you are a person I trust, I wanted to invite you to join my network on LinkedIn.” … Read More

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