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"Creative Critics" cartoon

8 types of bad creative critics

July 5, 2015 ⋅ 18 Comments

I originally drew a version of this cartoon back in 2006 and it’s still one of my more requested and licensed. There’s an ad agency in Australia that has a wall-sized version hanging in the room where they review creative with clients. I wanted to redraw it in color and make it easier to read. I’ve seen all of these…

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Marketoon of The Week
"Focus Group of One" cartoon

focus group of one

It’s tempting for marketers to assume we intuitively know what consumers want. After all, we’re consumers too. But listening to the focus group of one inside our heads can lead us astray. Trying to extrapolate our personal experience to how an audience will respond is risky. Many leaders don’t recognize this blind spot. This is particularly common in hierarchical organizations…

"engage with the brand" cartoon

engage with the brand

Consumers don’t spend as much time thinking about brands as marketers think they do. Marketers often operate as if their consumers are just waiting around to engage with the brand. Yet the way many brands communicate isn’t that engaging. Last year I had the opportunity to go through Instagram advertising bootcamp while consulting with a brand. The brand was one…

Collaboration cartoon

cross-functional collaboration

This cartoon came out of a conversation with a marketer recently about the silos in her company. Her company was trying to encourage more collaboration across teams and divisions. They wrote values statements and held off-sites on the importance of cross-functional collaboration. At the same time, in the name of efficiency and cost controls, her company carefully calculated who spent…

"Viral Video" cartoon

viral marketing

I drew an early version of this cartoon a few years ago and wanted to update it. Last week, I made my kids jealous by giving a talk at Disney. One of the themes from my talk was the topic of trying to create marketing that “goes viral”. There is a mad rush to create “viral content”, as if viral…

"health food" cartoon

health food marketing

It’s a tricky time to be a food marketer. How consumers define what it means to be “healthy” is in flux. As a food marketing friend pointed out, consumers are increasingly prioritizing food purity over calorie count. Chipotle is the poster brand for the current state of health positioning. They’re taking a leadership role in progressive stances like GMO-free and…

"Ad Creative Checklist"

ad creative checklist

Ad creative usually runs a gauntlet to get approved. Marketers often evaluate ads by ticking creative checklists to make sure ads are effective. But those very checklists, while intended to motivate best practices, can lead ads to become formulaic. And formulaic ads aren’t memorable. I spoke at a marketing conference in Nashville a couple weeks ago and heard the story…

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