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mapping the customer journey

“Our customers are loyal to us right up until the second somebody offers them a better service,” Jeff Bezos said in a Fast Company interview about Amazon last year. Similarly, Google published a 2015 study on mobile strategy that found that “people are more loyal to their need in the moment than to any particular brand.” Google calls these needs… Read More

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influencer marketing

There’s an influencer marketing land grab underway. Influencer posts on Instagram alone nearly doubled between 2016 and 2017. That spike was even before January’s Facebook news feed announcement. And influencer marketing is getting far more granular. Brands are increasingly focused on marketing with pools of “micro-influencers” who claim fewer than 10,000 followers and “nano-influencers” who claim fewer than 1,000 followers…. Read More

what makes a food natural

It’s a tricky time to be a food marketer — navigating the Wild West of consumer expectations and unregulated food claims like “natural.” According to the most recent Consumer Reports Survey, 73 percent of consumers seek out foods labeled as “natural”. But, “natural” is not a legal or regulated term. The FDA signaled a few years ago that it would… Read More

the art of project management

In February 2001, a group of renegade software engineers gathered at a ski resort in Snowbird, Utah and famously wrote the Agile Manifesto. They called into question the whole traditional Waterfall approach to product development and project management. The Atlantic recently profiled that gathering in an article called “The Winter Getaway That Turned the Software World Upside Down: How a… Read More

the future of e-commerce

Voice is starting to redefine how consumers buy brands. Brands will increasingly have to navigate a world that doesn’t have a traditional user interface — zero UI. As Google CEO Sundar Pichai put it, “we will move from mobile first to an AI first world.” Walker Sands recently reported that one in five (19%) have made a voice purchase through… Read More

super bowl advertising

64% of Super Bowl viewers are unable to connect a memorable ad to the brand it was advertising, according to research from research consultancy Communicus. They also found less than 20% of Super Bowl ads produce significant impact on the brand. Their obvious but sometimes forgotten takeaway — entertainment alone is not enough. What they recommended marketers focus on is… Read More

facebook news feed

Marketers are scrambling to figure out the implications of Facebook’s announcement in early January that it will overhaul its news feed. Updates from friends and family will be prioritized much higher than updates from brands. Facebook will emphasize “meaningful social interactions” over likes and shares. The announcement may be dramatic, but this has been a long time coming. Organic posts… Read More

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