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cannes and the marketing echo chamber

Marketers descend this week on the French Riviera for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.  Like SXSW and other ideas festivals, it can be inspiring to see some of the most creative work from our industry. But anytime marketers like us get together, we’re in danger of breathing our own exhaust.  As inspiring as these festivals are, they potentially… Read More

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How to Define your product cartoon

silo mentality

I originally drew a version of this cartoon back in 2003 and I decided to redraw it from scratch in color.  16 years later, it’s still one of my more frequently licensed cartoons.  I think that speaks to the ever-present challenge of breaking out of organizational silos. I saw a study referenced by Salesforce recently (but couldn’t find the original… Read More

GDPR Consent Fatigue cartoon

data privacy, consent fatigue, and GDPR

GDPR celebrated its first anniversary this week with a flurry of new data privacy regulations on the way, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, called “GDPR-lite” or “California GDPR.” One year later, the effectiveness of GDPR is debatable, company compliance is confusing and bureaucratic, and consumers are drowning in a tidal wave of privacy pop-up notices. As Laura Jehl a… Read More

Digital Transformation cartoon

5 stages of digital transformation

Forrester reported last year that “firms think they are transforming, but many don’t realize that transformation will be a permanent state of being.” Principal Analyst Ted Schadler went on to write: “21% of firms think their transformation is done and dusted. Really? Done? Another 22% are investigating or not transforming at all. And while 56% of firms are transforming, their… Read More

one-to-one personalization

Twenty years ago, in early 1999, the HBR published a pioneering article on the future of personalization titled “Is your company ready for one-to-one marketing?” Reading it is a flashback to the heady days of the dot-com era, with Amazon as case study number one. The article states: “Relationship marketing is grounded in the idea of establishing a learning relationship… Read More

too many cooks in the creative review

I wrote recently about lackluster creative briefs as a leading cause of lackluster creative. Another common factor is the lackluster creative review. How we run the process of reviewing creative directly impacts the result. Creative can be made stronger by the virtue of additional points of view. But we have to channel those points of view constructively. The path of… Read More

podcasts, podcasts, podcasts

“In a world where more podcasts are being released than anyone can listen to in a lifetime, the content needs to be highly compelling to attract and retain listeners.” This was a recent observation from Alex White, VP of content at Pandora. As of April 2019, there are over 700,000 unique podcasts on iTunes, with over 29 million episodes. That’s… Read More

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