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brand loyalty

I originally drew a version of this cartoon back in 2005 and it’s still one of my more frequently licensed and referenced cartoons. I wanted to redraw it in color and because my drawing style has evolved. Brand loyalty is more fickle than many marketers imagine it. Marketers often overestimate the role of consumer brands in consumers’ lives. In the… Read More

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Powerpointitis Cartoon


When James Thompson started his job as Diageo CMO, he tallied the number of presentation slides he was exposed to in his first two months of meetings. The final count — more than 12,000. I read in AdAge that he started a PowerPoint ban in some Diageo meetings to “just talk to me please” and help convey that the team… Read More

Creator's Code cartoon

market your bliss

I recently hit the six-year anniversary of leaving my job to start Marketoonist full-time. It was the culmination of a childhood dream to become a cartoonist. It came after drawing a weekly cartoon for ten years, dreaming of the point when I could do it full-time. Five years ago, I gave a talk about making that leap at the Do… Read More

Chief Digital Officer cartoon

digital transformation

“It is not about doing ‘digital marketing’, it is about marketing effectively in a digital world.” I really like this quote from Diageo CEO Ivan Menezes. It keeps the technology in perspective, relative to the consumer. It puts the onus on everyone, not just those with digital in their job title. In contrast, many organizations treat it as “doing digital.”… Read More

content engagement cartoon

content marketing engagement

We can’t break through the clutter by adding to it. TrackMaven analyzed 50 million pieces of content in 2015 and reported that output of content per brand increased 35 percent per channel in 2015, but content engagement decreased by 17 percent. As they summarized: “This is content overload, quantified. As more content floods social networks, the slice of engagement for… Read More

Pr Crisis cartoon

Spinning a PR Crisis

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle is a master class in how not to handle a crisis. Much will be investigated in the months ahead. But what I find particularly interesting is how Samsung communicated what was happening at each stage of the crisis. This weekend, the US DOT banned the Galaxy Note 7 on all US flights, categorizing the… Read More

Full-service Agencies cartoon

full-service agencies

It’s an age-old decision point in marketing — work with a range of specialized agencies, or find a full-service agency that can handle everything. In the last couple years, we’ve seen an ever-expanding tick-box approach to agency services. This decision point has only gotten more complicated. In the late-90’s, I joined one of the first digital agencies in the Bay… Read More

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