Easy Peasy Licensing

How do I license a cartoon?

  1. Search or browse by topic to find just the right cartoon
  2. Click the shopping cart and choose presentation, newsletter, corporate blog or corporate social media use
  3. Click “Add to Cart”
  4. Keep shopping, or follow the standard checkout with credit card or paypal
  5. Make a nice cup of tea

What exactly will I receive?
After your purchase, you’ll see a link to a print-ready 300 DPI JPEG of the cartoon. Average size for a cartoon is about 8″ or 2500 pixels.

What’s a JPEG?
It’s a standard graphics file you can use in just about any application.

How quickly will I receive my order?
You’ll instantly see a link to the cartoon. You will also receive an email with a receipt and instructions and links to download your cartoon.

What about rights and copyright?
Presentations – you may use the cartoon in your presentation as well as in any related handouts.
Newsletters – you may reprint the cartoon once.
Web site – you can use on an ongoing basis on your web site
Corporate Blogs/Sponsored Posts – you can use on an ongoing basis on your web site or as sponsored posts and paid social media
Personal Blogs and Social Media – sharing cartoons in your personal blogs and social media is free (and appreciated). If you decide to use them in a corporate blog or as part of paid campaign, please contact us.
In all cases you may not resell the cartoon(s). I hold onto all copyrights.

What if I don’t find the right cartoon?
Just contact us and we can help you find one or talk about creating a custom marketoon campaign.