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5 stages of data privacy grief

“Hey Ms. Consumer, you get email, search, maps, friendship interaction and voice-activated homes for free! How good is that? Just don’t look at the pipe at the back of your house pumping terabytes of data back to Northern California.” This quote was from a fascinating Mark Ritson editorial a few weeks ago in MarketingWeek. Mark wrote about the recent data… Read More

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marketing at the point of sale

“You go to the drug store now, you buy one or two things, you get a receipt that’s like a Miss America sash,” Jimmy Kimmel joked a couple years ago. E-receipts may be on the rise, but many retailers are still cranking out massive paper receipts at the till. Adweek performed an experiment with eight national retailers in the US…. Read More

product proliferation

In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and increasingly grew frustrated by all of the product complexity he saw at review meetings. He famously shouted “Stop! This is crazy” and drew a two-by-two grid on the whiteboard. At the top of the two columns, he wrote “Consumer” and “Professional” and to the left of the two rows he wrote “Desktop”… Read More

personal data and terms of service

A few years ago, a security expert named Mikko Hyppönen set up free WiFi hotspots in the center of London. As part of the “terms of service,” Mikko put in a “Herod clause”. In exchange for WiFi, “the recipient agreed to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity”. Several people signed up. Mikko’s point: “The… Read More

mapping the customer journey

“Our customers are loyal to us right up until the second somebody offers them a better service,” Jeff Bezos said in a Fast Company interview about Amazon last year. Similarly, Google published a 2015 study on mobile strategy that found that “people are more loyal to their need in the moment than to any particular brand.” Google calls these needs… Read More

influencer marketing

There’s an influencer marketing land grab underway. Influencer posts on Instagram alone nearly doubled between 2016 and 2017. That spike was even before January’s Facebook news feed announcement. And influencer marketing is getting far more granular. Brands are increasingly focused on marketing with pools of “micro-influencers” who claim fewer than 10,000 followers and “nano-influencers” who claim fewer than 1,000 followers…. Read More

what makes a food natural

It’s a tricky time to be a food marketer — navigating the Wild West of consumer expectations and unregulated food claims like “natural.” According to the most recent Consumer Reports Survey, 73 percent of consumers seek out foods labeled as “natural”. But, “natural” is not a legal or regulated term. The FDA signaled a few years ago that it would… Read More

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