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It’s a tricky time to be a food marketer. Consumers are scrutinizing more than ever to what goes into the foods they buy. And what constitutes “healthy” to consumers is in flux. The FDA recently announced that it will be calling out “added sugar” on nutrition labels in the future. It is estimated that 68% of processed foods contain added… Read More

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marketing with virtual assistants

At CES this week, marketers were buzzing about the potential of virtual assistants. “Marketing is much more about providing a great experience or a product that makes a consumer’s life easier and one of the most interesting developments for our business is the virtual assistant,” said Kristin Lemkau, CMO of J.P. Morgan Chase. Most of the attention at CES was… Read More

upselling and customer experience

United recently announced that it’s joining Delta and American in creating a new Basic Economy fare class, one tier below Standard Economy. This no-frills tier cuts a few of the remaining “frills” of Standard Economy, like overhead bins and pre-assigned seats. It’s a move to help the major airlines compete with discount airlines like Spirit and Frontier. Spirit advertises itself… Read More

predictive analytics for marketing

“A lot of direct marketing activity is retrospective; it’s about trying to replicate the past. With predictive analytics, you’re being proactive. It can turn the tables,” Simon Kaffel at HSBC said recently in a MarketingWeek article, touching on the excitement many marketers feel about the promise of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is the use of data mining, statistics, machine learning,… Read More

buyer personas and account-based marketing

Marketers have more customer insights at their disposal than ever. Buyer Personas can be one useful tool to turn this customer data into a story. They can help capture an abstract target audience as a tangible character sketch. But buyer personas are only as useful as what they help you to do. Marketers can get carried away with the fiction…. Read More

brand loyalty

I originally drew a version of this cartoon back in 2005 and it’s still one of my more frequently licensed and referenced cartoons. I wanted to redraw it in color and because my drawing style has evolved. Brand loyalty is more fickle than many marketers imagine it. Marketers often overestimate the role of consumer brands in consumers’ lives. In the… Read More


When James Thompson started his job as Diageo CMO, he tallied the number of presentation slides he was exposed to in his first two months of meetings. The final count — more than 12,000. I read in AdAge that he started a PowerPoint ban in some Diageo meetings to “just talk to me please” and help convey that the team… Read More

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