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sales impact of advertising

I’ve been re-reading the 1983 classic, “Ogilvy on Advertising” to see how much has changed — and how much has remained the same — in advertising over the years.  One constant is the challenge of how to measure sales impact in advertising, and the tension of long-term brand building versus short-term direct response. As David Ogilvy wrote (more than a…

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The Productivity Trap cartoon

the productivity trap

A recent survey from Blind found that 83% of marketing and communications professionals are reporting burnout, the highest of any job function. There are likely many factors at play, but I wonder how much of this burnout relates to productivity anxiety, the pressure to be busy, and the hustle culture in business.   The pursuit of constant productivity can actually…

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Customer Service Bots cartoon

rise of the customer service bots

This cartoon is dedicated to Comcast, the most recent company to show me how far we have to go before we reach conversational AI that can come close to a human voice. The only thing worse than the Comcast customer service bot that greeted me when trying to resolve a technical issue was having to have identical conversations with the…

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Business as usual cartoon

business as usual

A Gartner study recently reported that more than half (57%) of CMOs expect to see a return to business as usual in the next 18-24 months. It made me think about what “business as usual” even means right now.  Some aspects of how we work have changed so fundamentally, it’s hard to imagine that some of these changes aren’t permanent. …

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Evolution of Digital cartoon

evolution of digital transformation

We are never finished with digital transformation. In the late 90’s, I worked as a project manager helping build early web sites.  For many of the companies I worked with, this was their first-ever web site.   One of my clients was a regional airline based in Milwaukee called Midwest Express. I remember big hoopla to celebrate when their web…

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Brand Safety cartoon

From Brand Safety to Brand Suitability

Brand safety has been high on marketers’ agendas since the 2017 YouTube crisis, when some advertisers found their ads next to terrorist videos. Yet the blunt tool response that followed has brought its own problems.  Many brands started addressing brand safety with overly broad keyword blocklists that can penalize legitimate content and make it harder to find audiences, limiting reach…

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The Pace of Change cartoon

the pace of change

“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again,” Justin Trudeau famously said in his 2018 speech at Davos. Of course that was two years before COVID-19 changed and accelerated everyone’s plans beyond recognition.   A recent McKinsey report chronicled a few examples of organizations making heroic overnight changes in the last…

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