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Share of Voice cartoon

share of voice

Marketers are perpetually looking for the most useful metrics to guide marketing decisions.  None are perfect and many are in flux. Share of voice (SOV) became a marketing staple decades ago.  In theory, share of voice is a simple way to compare a brand’s media spending against the total media spending of the category.  The metric was bolstered by research…

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Personal Branding cartoon

personal branding

Tom Peters ushered in the age of personal branding with a 1997 cover story in Fast Company titled “The Brand Called You.”   He wrote: “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To…

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Every Brand Onion cartoon

every brand onion

I find few things as silly in the world of marketing as the classic Brand Onion.  The Brand Onion goes by many names — Brand DNA, Brand Architecture, Brand Wheel, Brand Key, etc. — but it’s basically a one-page synopsis of a brand, collectively word-smithed by the marketing team. In theory, a Brand Onion is a simple tool that can…

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this meeting could have been an email

Last week, Facebook released a free beta for a new virtual reality meeting experience called Horizon Workrooms.  Using their Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets, Facebook re-imagines the future of meetings where we’ll all show up as cartoon avatars that will mimic our movements and facial expressions. Facebook exec Mike LeBeau said: “In a virtual reality collaborative space you remember conversations…

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brand fatigue and brand consistency

There’s an adage that “Marketers get tired of their advertising before consumers do.”  The same is true for all aspects of a brand.  A brand team spends so much time surrounded by the same old brand assets, it can be tempting to change for the sake of change.  Marketers are also tempted to leave their mark on a brand the…

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Sea of Sameness cartoon

sea of sameness

When I worked on the method brand from 2006-2010, we often talked about about trying to stand out in a “sea of sameness.”  Like many aisles in the grocery story, household cleaning was dominated by brands that looked and sounded alike — same stock bottle packaging, same messaging, same product benefits, same designs, same claims.  There was very little differentiation…

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Media Planning cartoon

media planning

Media spend is rebounding in 2021 with a continued spending shift from traditional to digital channels.  Zenith reported this week that digital ads will make up 58% of total ad spend in 2021, up from 48% in 2019 and 54% in 2020. A few years ago, Mark Ritson wrote an interesting article responding to research from Radiocentre and ebiquity that…

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