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aging in advertising

Ryan Wallman recently make a few hysterically true marketing predictions for 2019, including “Marketers will continue to ignore all consumers over the age of 35, unless someone discovers a way to put these consumers on the blockchain.” Baby Boomers control 70% of disposable income in the US, spend close to 50% of consumer products dollars, and have greater buying power…

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voice of the customer

A couple months ago, I cartooned about customer survey fatigue and the barrage of satisfaction surveys for every minor brand interaction. Marketers sometimes forget that the survey experience is as much a part of customer experience as the customer experience they’re designed to measure. Boring, long, or pestering surveys leave a brand impression too. I recently bought a new car…

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black friday & holiday shopping

Black Friday continued to take over Thanksgiving this year, expanding into a whole booming Cyber Week that set shopping records focused on mobile. According to Adobe Analytics, online shopping on Thanksgiving Day was up 28% over last year (the fastest-growing day for e-commerce sales in history). Smartphone drove a majority of the traffic (54%) and over a third of the…

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customer experience

Singapore Airlines has long been a pioneer in customer experience, not just in airlines, but the hospitality industry in general. They’re investing in taking their customer experience even further, partly with a sophisticated app that tracks granular customer data from check-in, through the flight, to baggage claim. Here’s how HBS professor Rohit Deshpande describes just how granular the customer data…

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the marketing dashboard

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” I think this 1963 quote from William Bruce Cameron (often misattributed to Albert Einstein) touches on some of the potential pitfalls of marketing dashboards. In this era of data-driven marketing, dashboards can give marketers a false sense of security. They always appear authoritative, but the…

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the marketing ivory tower trap

As marketers, it’s easy to lose touch with what consumers and customers actually experience with our brands. In the bubble of our marketing offices, writing strategy decks and brand architecture documents, we sometimes over-inflate the role our brands play in peoples’ lives. I once interviewed for a job with a senior executive at Apple. He told me that every Saturday,…

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digital transformation

“Technology changes exponentially; organizations change logarithmically.” Scott Brinker described this observation as “Martec’s Law” five years ago, but I think the same can be said beyond the world of marketing technology to digital transformation in general. Scott went on to write: “I believe these two things are true: “1. Technology is changing very rapidly, and those changes seem to be…

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